Animal House

Animal House


Animal house facility of Arya College of Pharmacy, provide opportunity for Researchers, students and faculty members to explore the biological activity of various drug molecules. Student gets trained in some experimental methodologies and techniques which are helpful for their skill development and to develop keen interest in understanding the biological mechanism using experimental animals. Experienced and qualified staff always available for animal welfare. All the policies and procedure and record maintenance of animal house is maintained as per CPCSEA guideline.

Animal House Facility:

The Animal house is located at ground floor, There is three different entry in the animal house facility, comprising of total 11 partition available which assigned for 2 rats rooms 2 for mice rooms, one quarantine room, one office and record room, one Feed storage, one experimental area, One room for washing & cleaning, and one room for storage of Husk.

We are committed for animal protection by restriction of human traffic, monitoring of animal house at regular intervals. We are using only appropriate animal feed and water, number of animals used in eachexperiment and monthly monitoring of animal census, etc.

Animal care Practices:

All the animals in animal house are maintained in free and caged both. rat and mice cages are maintained with water bottles. Separate rooms are assigned for each species of animals to avoid interspecies conflict. Within the animal rooms environmental conditions are under controlled [Temperature (22-26°C), Relative Humidity (60 ± 10 %), 12 hr alternate light and dark cycle] with more than 100 light intensities with uninterrupted power and water supply. The exhaust system is available in animal house for remove dirty smells and imparts fresh air into the rooms. one AC is available in animal house.

Ethical Approach:

The Animal House is registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision ofExperiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India (Reg. No 1013/PO/06 /CPCSEA registered up to 2027) an Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) was constituted to guide the students, teachers/researchers on facilities, policies and practicesconcerning the care and use of animals. Yearly two meeting was conducted and the record of that was appropriately maintained

Physical Facility Available:
S.No Particulars Quantity
1 No. Of Racks 8
2 No. Of Cages 100
3 No. Of Water Bottles 100
4 Air Condition System 01
5 RO Water System 01