Beti Bachao Beti Padhao-Arya Girls Scholarship

Girls' education is a transformative force that drives positive change in societies worldwide

Embracing the power of knowledge and opportunity, girls' education stands as a beacon of progress, equality, and empowerment. We emphasis our Mission To develop the Industry Oriented Skills in Students, to meet the Industry Requirement.

"To Empower Woman by Education is the fastest way to eradicate poverty, malnutrition, abuse etc. and achieve equality in the society for all"- Dr. Arvind Agarwal, Chairman, Arya Group of Colleges.

Arya College of Pharmacy (ACP) has endorsed the Prime Minister's vision of Beti Bachao, Beti Padao, through the 'Arya Girls Scholarship' (AGS) Scheme by providing merit based cum economical scholarships to girl students in all the courses run by the Institution.

The AGS Scheme provides financial assistance in terms of freeship in fees for the duration for the complete course of B.Pharm., M.Pharm. & D.Pharm.

Started in 2016, this scholarship aims to deliver quality education in the field of higher education. Many scholarships are given in various categories to all deserving students. But for promoting education of girl student which is considerably low in the state of Rajasthan, free ship in tuition fee is given to financially challenged girl students.

By providing Education to Girl Child to empower them in their life by making financially independent and to integrate them in development and progress of Nation, the Scholarship Scheme (AGS) has the following objectives:

1.Ensuring education and participation of the girl child in Higher Education, Leadership and Empowerment: Girls' education fosters leadership skills and empowers young women to take on leadership roles in various spheres, including politics, academia, business, and social activism.

2To help to remove Gender Based Discrimination and Elimination: ACP aims at making girls independent both socially and financially through education and achieve Gender based equality.

The objective of the AGS Scheme is not only to generate awareness about the importance of girls' education but also to ensure that the welfare services meant for girls are being delivered efficiently.

The scheme is open to girls without any caste, religious or socio-economic discrimination and purely based on merit and economical condition.

Performance of the girls enrolled under AGS Scheme: All the girls benefitted under this scholarship scheme have proved themselves both in college and university examinations. Many of these girls are meritorious students of their respective departments. They have not only excelled in academics but also in the participation of cultural and technical events at intercollege and intra-college level. The have also performed well in the Government Competitive Examinations e.g. GPAT and Placements in various companies.

Steps taken to promote the scheme: Arya College of Pharmacy is giving high priority on the quality of education imparted to the girl child and is encouraging parents to send their daughters for higher education. ACP has taken multiple initiatives to promote the scheme and spread it to masses. A few of the initiatives include:

1. Poster launch by the various Education Ministers of Rajasthan every year for widespread reach via newspaper and digital media.

2. Poster inaugural at multiple educational and social events.

3. Women education awareness drives and campaigns are organized every year in many villages.

4. Counselling of parents for enrolling meritorious girls in higher technical education like engineering instead of other Bachelor courses due to financial issues.

5. Promotion via multiple social media platforms.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

The scheme requires great Civic body support to achieve the objectives of the scheme. Many parents see the education of daughters as a waste of money because daughters live with their husband's families and their parents are not benefited by their earnings.

Despite the scholarship, many parents are concerned to enroll their daughter's in an engineering course but with constant follow-ups and guidance sessions we were able to overcome all their concerns and mindset.

Arya College of Pharmacy has always believed in making education accessible and also creating job fit professionals. The college leaves no stone unturned in facilitating its girl student in specific. The concept of Mentorship, wherein the girl student is given special attention by the female faculty member of the college, is another unique feature.

Women across the globe are breaking the stereotypes and are doing some phenomenal work. Working in the right direction, AGS Scheme promotes the importance of girl's education to carve a bright future for the country.


Girls' education stands as a symbol of hope and progress, driving transformation at every level.By recognizing its distinctiveness and the multifaceted benefits it brings, we strengthen our commitment to breaking barriers, empowering girls, and creating a more equitable and prosperous world. Investing in girls' education is not just an educational pursuit; it is a profound investment in humanity's future. Let us collectively champion girls' education and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive world.

Animal House


Animal house facility of Arya College of Pharmacy, provide opportunity for Researchers, students and faculty members to explore the biological activity of various drug molecules. Student gets trained in some experimental methodologies and techniques which are helpful for their skill development and to develop keen interest in understanding the biological mechanism using experimental animals. Experienced and qualified staff always available for animal welfare. All the policies and procedure and record maintenance of animal house is maintained as per CPCSEA guideline.

Animal House Facility:

The Animal house is located at ground floor, There is three different entry in the animal house facility, comprising of total 11 partition available which assigned for 2 rats rooms 2 for mice rooms, one quarantine room, one office and record room, one Feed storage, one experimental area, One room for washing & cleaning, and one room for storage of Husk.

We are committed for animal protection by restriction of human traffic, monitoring of animal house at regular intervals. We are using only appropriate animal feed and water, number of animals used in eachexperiment and monthly monitoring of animal census, etc.

Animal care Practices:

All the animals in animal house are maintained in free and caged both. rat and mice cages are maintained with water bottles. Separate rooms are assigned for each species of animals to avoid interspecies conflict. Within the animal rooms environmental conditions are under controlled [Temperature (22-26°C), Relative Humidity (60 ± 10 %), 12 hr alternate light and dark cycle] with more than 100 light intensities with uninterrupted power and water supply. The exhaust system is available in animal house for remove dirty smells and imparts fresh air into the rooms. one AC is available in animal house.

Ethical Approach:

The Animal House is registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision ofExperiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India (Reg. No 1013/PO/06 /CPCSEA registered up to 2027) an Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) was constituted to guide the students, teachers/researchers on facilities, policies and practicesconcerning the care and use of animals. Yearly two meeting was conducted and the record of that was appropriately maintained

Physical Facility Available:
S.No Particulars Quantity
1 No. Of Racks 8
2 No. Of Cages 100
3 No. Of Water Bottles 100
4 Air Condition System 01
5 RO Water System 01