About the Department:

Master of Pharmacy (M Pharm) in India is offered as post graduate (graduate) course after completion of B Pharma degree. The M Pharma course is normally of two years duration.In some universities it is one-year research and one year theory examination, while some offers M Pharm by research completely leading to doctorate degree. The course focuses on specialisation in the field of pharmacy

The M Pharm courses are offered by pharmacy colleges affiliated to uniee leading to entry into the pharmacy profession

The program leads to specialization in pharmacology which is an integral part of the drug discovery and drug design processes these processes deal with the identification of lead molecule that could have potential therapeutic activity due to specific molecular and receptor amenity and analogous structure to specific sites and proteins in the body.

Colleges imparting pharmaceutical education (D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm or Pharm D) must be approved by Pharmacy Council Of India (PCI).

No. of Seats: 15


Departmental Lab's:

The department has following well- equipped laboratories that offer more that the prescribed practical needs as per RUHS Curricilum :

  • Pharmacology Lab I

  • Pharmacology Lab II

  • Pharmacology Lab III

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory.

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr Ram Garg Professor
2 Dr. Shailly Gupta Associate Professor
3 Mr. Shailendra Tripathi Associate Professor
4 Ms. Anamika Kulshrestha Associate Professor
5 Mr. Dhapa Asif Mustufabhai Associate Professor
6 Mr. Manish Chugh Associate Professor
7 Mr. Modi Hiteshkumar Ramanlal Associate Professor
8 Mr. Nikhil Kumar Sharma Associate Professor
9 Mr. Rakesh R Patel Assitant Professor
10 Ms. Aarti Assitant Professor
11 Mr. Nitish Kumar Assitant Professor
12 Mr. Sandeep Prakash Saini Assitant Professor
13 Ms. Gudiya Sharma Assitant Professor
14 Mr. Harish Kumar Assitant Professor
15 Mr. Indra Saini Assitant Professor